March for Science

The March for Science in Salt Lake City on April 22, 2017.  Mario Capecchi spoke to the participants at the Utah State Capitol.  The Capecchi Lab marched together in support of science and scientific integrity!

World Travels

Various photos from Mario Capecchi’s travels from around the world: lectures, speeches, and ceremonies.

Nobel Prize Ceremony

Mario Capecchi won the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Oliver Smithies and Martin Evans for their research on the development of gene targeting in mouse embryo-derived stem cells creating mutations in any desired gene and giving freedom to manipulate the DNA sequence.

Eccles Honors Scholars

Every year, Mario Capecchi meets with the Eccles Honors Scholars from the University of Utah for an intimate discussion about inspiration, motivation, and the future of science.

The Lab - After Hours

We have fun inside and outside of the lab and here are the photos to prove it!

3rd Macau Symposium

Mario Capecchi served as keynote speaker at the 3rd Macau Symposium on Biomedical Sciences 2016.  He also received an honorary degree from the University of Macau.